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Lincoln Prep Strength & Speed Program

2017–2018 Lincoln Prep Strength & Speed Program!

*Open to all 5th -10th grade Lincoln students*

We are very excited to have the opportunity to start a new Strength & Speed program at Lincoln Prep.  Bob Davis recently completed a summer Strength & Speed Camp here at Lincoln Prep with many of our scholar-athletes and is now looking to help year-round!

A quick background on Coach Davis:
Bob Davis is the Founder of Strength of America here in the Valley since 1989, specializing in injury prevention and increased performance for young athletes. Prior to SOA, Coach Davis was a Strength & Speed Coach for the University of Nebraska.  His focus is on helping athletes improve performance but also finding potential areas of injury with testing to help keep kids safe as they train and practice.  Additionally, Coach Davis focuses on nutrition and asks each athlete to start their training by completing a fuel chart and documenting how they eat and hydrate. The purpose of the fuel chart is to educate the athletes on the importance of proper diet and hydration which aids energy and recovery.
Lincoln Prep Strength & Speed Plan
– Coach Davis will conduct Strength & Speed workouts for both in-season and pre-season athletes.
– All workouts will take place after school on the Lincoln campus.
Team workouts have been coordinated with each coach and will be held in conjunction with already occurring practices. Workouts will begin
Monday, Sep. 11th through the end of October as follows:
Monday & Thursday – 3:20pm-3:45pm MS A Volleyball & HS Swim & 4:00pm-4:55pm MS Cross Country
Tuesday & Friday – 3:20pm-3:45pm HS/MS Football & 
4:30pm-5:00pm HS JV Volleyball
*The Head Coaches of the teams listed above have decided this program will benefit their athletes and have designated time at the beginning of their practices for their players to get faster and stronger. If you do not want your student to participate that is an option, this simply means they will not begin their team practice until 3:45pm the days the other scholar-athletes are training with Coach Davis.
Workouts (for all students not participating in a Fall sport but anticipate playing a Winter or Spring sport or, Lincoln students who simply want a guided, structured workout)
Monday & Thursday from 4:00pm-4:55pm in the gym or the school courtyard.
Cost is: $150.00/athlete or, $250.00/family of two or more athletes – payments should be made directly to Strength of America via check (turn into the front office or Coach Davis) or, click to pay on the SOA website. This payment covers the entire athletic year, September-April.
But wait!….
 Doesn’t Strength & Speed training require a weight room and equipment, you ask?
Yes! Coach Davis’ program does require quite a bit of equipment, all of which he is willing to provide himself while we raise funds for and establish our new weight room located in the gym.
If you have questions about the weight room, or would like to donate or see the proposed floor plan please contact Jenn Bradley at
Questions about the Strength & Speed program please feel free to contact your team’s Head Coach or Coach Davis at:
What LPA families had to say about the Summer Strength & Speed Camp…
“I think the best part of your program is that it teaches the kids at a younger age about the benefits of getting healthy and staying there.  By combining topics such as eating, resting and exercising you have given the kids a solid foundation from which to build from. Learning how to be healthy will allow them to perform better in the classroom as well on the athletic field. Your program is well rounded and I hope there are additional sessions we can consider in the future.”
Brad Newman
“My kids had a great experience with Coach Davis and Strength of America. Bob will always put the well-being and health of the athletes first so they can grow to their fullest potential. He is flexible when it comes to the needs of his athletes, and supports each athlete in their own personal endeavors.”
-Jesus Ortiz
 Head Coach – Lincoln Prep Cross-Country & Track & Field

“Strength of America(SOA) is the real deal.  SOA teaches athletes not only the importance of being in great physical condition,  but how important maintaining a proper diet is so you can train and play in harsh conditions.  I have two kids that play different sports and they both benefit greatly from Bob Davis. I would recommend SOA to anybody who has a young athlete who wants to be better!!”

Thank you Bob for the great Summer program.
Greg S. Newton
“The main thing that I learned during this program is how to have a better diet.  I learned how to balance my diet and how many meals to eat each day.  I also got better at including protein in every meal and that has helped me prevent fatigue in the heat.”
-Simone King 13 years
“I learned that when you jump and run you need to focus on pushing the ground away to gain speed and power.”
-Kayla Riggs 13 years
“I learned if you work hard it pays off!”
-Aiden Riggs
Bob Davis
Strength of America Founder since 1989
Red Mtn High Strength and Speed Coach 2012-15
Az NSCA Board Member 2012-14
University of Nebraska Strength and Speed Coach 1985-89
P: 480-219-0868
twitter:  @SOATrainer